Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plugged-In LIVE

Sensational vocal artist Jesse Morgan will captivate you with his fabulous R&B CD, "Plugged-In LIVE." Morgan demonstrates his vocal prowess on this album and does a fantastic job as his voice has a charismatic style and grace. This CD features the wonderful song "She's Winning My Heart," and it is overflowing with passion and soul. One can feel the emotive vibes Morgan projects as he sings with an enchanting vitality. The dynamic instrumentation flows with a smooth groove as this melodic melody with seep subtly into your heart and soul. Listen as the velvety bass, crisp piano, guitar, and solid drums complements the vocals with a mesmerizing magnetism.  Fans of easy listening R&B music will really appreciate the talents of Jesse Morgan and his band on the album, "Plugged-In LIVE."

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