Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hurt By the World

Talented artist, Stanley Durbin, spins a beautiful Urban/R&B CD, "Hurt By the World." This album consists of well crafted songs that are wonderfully blended with richly textured instrumentation and emotive vocals. As a singer/songwriter, Durbin is extremely passionate about the lyrics is writes as they contain messages of world, hate, love, and peace and one can definitely hear this passion when he sings. The song, "I Just Can't Stop Lovin You," has a magnetic charm as Durbin's vocals groove with a stunning style and grace. "Get Up" and "Work Book" are upbeat songs that have a funky groove and crisp instrumentation. The title track, "Hurt By the World," is infused with rich percussive beats and strong and intense lyrics. Rounding out the CD, the last track, "Reflections," will really tug at your heartstrings with Durbin's words of wisdom. If you like Lionel Ritchie then you will want to hear the exquisite songs on the superb album, "Hurt By the World."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ultimate Remix Collection-Volume One

Musical artist Dane Riley releases a wonderful R&B/Funk CD, "Ultimate Remix Collection-Volume One." Riley is a one man band as he not only produced and composed these songs but he also sings and performs all musical instruments. The song, "I Like To Jam (Original Version)" has a warm and inviting tonality as Riley sings with a sweet and charming intonation. Another song, "Feel Good (Original Version)" has a smooth vibe as the bold bass line swirls around the intoxicating vocals. The track, "One & Only (Vocal Remix)" lets Riley showcase his emotive vocals on this thought provoking song. This album is comprised of some finely crafted melodiess and it will surely please your heart and soul. If you like smooth R&B/Funk then the excellent album, "Ultimate Remix Collection-Volume One," is just the CD you need to listen to.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plugged-In LIVE

Sensational vocal artist Jesse Morgan will captivate you with his fabulous R&B CD, "Plugged-In LIVE." Morgan demonstrates his vocal prowess on this album and does a fantastic job as his voice has a charismatic style and grace. This CD features the wonderful song "She's Winning My Heart," and it is overflowing with passion and soul. One can feel the emotive vibes Morgan projects as he sings with an enchanting vitality. The dynamic instrumentation flows with a smooth groove as this melodic melody with seep subtly into your heart and soul. Listen as the velvety bass, crisp piano, guitar, and solid drums complements the vocals with a mesmerizing magnetism.  Fans of easy listening R&B music will really appreciate the talents of Jesse Morgan and his band on the album, "Plugged-In LIVE."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"S'Agapo (I Love You)" by JRED (R&B Artist from Colorado)

Talented artist, John Redmon (A.K.A. Jred) releases a fantastic collection of R&B songs on his outstanding album, "S'Agapo (I Love You.)" Jred, who is an IMA Award nominee and Golden Flame Award winner, spins a bevy of impressive songs that will surely please your heart and soul. The opener/title track, "S'Agapo Intro" is a short but powerful explosion of different languages expressing the words "I Love You." The energetic song, "Te Amo (I Love You,)" is blended with charming lead vocals complemented by sweet harmonies. Another song, "Ten (The Counting Song,)" contains thought provoking lyrics sung with a sophisticated style and flair. You will enjoy the song, "Love Yourself," as Jred shows a colorful Country ambiance to this wonderful song. Jred has comprised an album that is sheer entertaining as this CD is richly textured and is bursting with passion and soul. Fans of Brian McKnight or Vicki Winans will thoroughly enjoy the outstanding set of R&B songs on the superb CD "S'Agapo (I Love You.)"

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Can't Control Myself" by Gina Sicilia (Blues Artist from Pennsylvania)

Talent vocalist, Gina Sicilia, releases another superb Blues/R&B album, "Can't Control Myself." You will find Sicilia has a strong and powerful voice that can light up any song she sings. The collections of songs on this CD are sheer entertaining and will make you want to hear more from this gifted vocalist. The first track, "Addicted," instantly introduces you to a voice that has a polished soulful passion. Taking to a slower groove, the songs, "Members Only" and "As long As You're Here" will trickle gently into your heart and soul as Sicilia sings with compelling Bluesy vocals that is complemented fine instrumentation. The title track, "Can't Control Myself," has a catchy melody and a free flowing style. If you are into musical artists such as Bonnie Raitt or Grace Potter, then you will really enjoy the magnificent Blues/R&B songs on the CD, "Can't Control Myself."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"I Wanna....." by Lisa Panagos (Pop Artist from Los Angels, CA)

The talented singer, Lisa Panagos, releases another fabulous Pop/R&B CD, "I Wanna……." which features the single, "I Wanna Be Your Lover." Panagos let her talents shine as she charms you with a soulful style that caresses your spirit. As you listen to this song you will hear her voice express sweet and delicate intonations as she sings her melodic lyrics with a rich and impressive vocal technique. This song is a must for the dance floor as it moves with sweet flowing rhythms and offers colorful instrumental elements. It will soothe you into a body rocking groove and will make you want to hear more from this talented artist. There are also excellent harmonies that delicately swirl around Panagos' silky voice. Fans of Pop/R&B music will really enjoy the excellent album, "I Wanna……." as it has refreshing vocals by an outstanding artist.

- Diane and the Reviewer Team 
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"JUICY CARROT" by Genie NDB (R&B Artist from England)

Singer/songwriter Genie NDB and his latest released album, "Juicy Carrot (Album)," hit the music scene with an excellent collection of Urban R&B/Funk. Genie is a one man band and not only does he write/sing these songs but he performs them as well. The entire CD contains a well balanced assortment of musical genres that flow with a fresh and creative style. There's an upbeat funky feel on the song, "Attitude (original Version)," as Genie sings his lyrics with a charming style. He gives an impressive version of the classic song, "Land of 1000 Dances (cover Version 2 – Wilson Picket)," as the tight beats and instruments melds together with a rootsy tonality. Another song, "Heart Is Home To Love," has nice Electronic pulses that move with danceable grooves. The vibrant and lively song, "Rhythm Talking (original Version)," offers bright synth horns that embellish the melody as Genie sings with passion and soul. "If you're looking for music that is creative, funky, and has great Electronic/House beats then, "Juicy Carrot (Album)," is just what you need to hear.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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